Amber is a YouTuber that focuses on Nonprofits.Β  She is a great resource for any nonprofits that are starting off.

What is the state of the creative job market today? How can I find and land my dream job during the pandemic?

Chris Do and Petrula Vrontikis will discuss the creative job market during this time and how you can take action.Β 

This video was a very informative interview.Β  It had great insights from both Chris and Petrula.

Most nonprofits use Salesforce as their donor management. As a remote candidate, you want to make sure you are well equipped with some Salesforce skills.

We will try to make more Salesforce tutorials in the future.
Awesome tool, thank you Anthony.
As a Remote Career Coach, Fabrizia's purpose is to provide you with all the necessary guidance and tips to find and land your Dream Remote Job.Β  In this episode, we chat with Fabrizia to learn about the first steps we need to take to find the dream remote job.Β  While it is easy to get overwhelmed by numerous remote job boards out there, you can be strategic in your job search journey.

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