📖 Guidelines

Welcome to the Circle community! This is a community for Nonprofit Remote members only, and its purpose is to help our members learn from and meet other Nonprofits.

Here's what we expect from everyone in this community:

  • Be kind to each other. There's no need to be mean, rude, offensive, or political.
  • Don't promote, solicit, or spam. There are plenty of places on the Internet for that; this is not one of them.
  • Keep discussions relevant. This is a community about Nonprofits, community building, and related topics. If you want to discuss other topics, there are plenty of other communities.
  • Want to report a bug, or get help from us directly? Write to us directly in our chat (https://nonprofitremote.com)

If we notice someone engaging in behavior outside this code of conduct, we reserve the right to remove them from the community.